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Slidell, LA Caf

Noel just sent this info about a session in Slidell, but it’s not enough. I’ve emailed back for the name, address and phone of the Cafe’ as well as who is running the session. I’ll add that as soon as I get it. Once I have the address of the Cafe’, we can be absolutely certain the driving directions are correct.

Looking at the street map and at Noel’s directions, it appears you drive north out of New Orleans on Old Highway 11 and go over the bridge, take a left at the intersection of Hwy. 433, drive about 50 yards and turn right (by a garage) onto Carey Street, go about 50 yards to the next intersection, the Cafe will be on your right.

Here’s Noel’s email:

The session in Slidell is supposed to be for old style music. Not being American I am not sure what that is. So I just play along with whatever Country, Blue Grass. I am not sure if they would be happy with all Irish so I don’t push it. The directions are below, it’s a long way to come for a session 7.00pm to 9.00pm. The directions were for someone coming from New Orleans but I am sure you can work with them.
Come across Hwy 11 bridge keep going straight on Ponchartrain until you come to the intersection with 433 on map. Take a left and turn right at garage on the right only about 50 yards. There is a Cafe on the right at the next junction less than 50 yards and that is where we are.
PS if you look at the map and find Rosa St and with your eye follow the road that the "a" is on north across Hwy 11 to the next junction, that’s it. Starts at 7pm till 9pm.

Evangeline’s Coffee House, Slidell, LA

Ok…Here’s the latest from Noel:

We are an open jam, so you could tell them to come on. We will try to get them to join eventually (if they are in the area), and will let them in on our circle etiquette. The only real requirement is to be acoustic and bring a song to share. If someone just wants to get more info, or get added to our little email list, you can certainly pass on my address. We’d love to see you guys bring your banjo’s over sometime. We have a couple of people who are definitely into the irish music, I’m sure we’d all like to be exposed to more of it. It’s Evangelines Coffee House on Carey Street just off Highway 11 (aka Pontchartrain Street) you can see the coffee house from 11.

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From: Noel [mailto:nollaig@bellsouth.net]
Sent: Friday, January 17, 2003 6:23 PM
To: Harlen Henegar
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Harlen I get some enquires about your session in Slidell, and I do not want to tell everyone to come because it may change the texture of the session. Maybe in future I could forward the requests to you or is it ok to tell people to come. The people I know or would hear about me would be interested in Irish music. Can you give me some guidance.

Evangeline’s Coffee House, Slidell, LA

Session leader: Harlen Henegar hheneg@bellsouth.net

This from Harlen today: "Consider yourself invited, but please don’t wait to start playing. We are of all levels of skill. Many people like me are trying new instruments. I hope to see you soon. I’ll add you to the address book."

And later, a copy of a group mailing he sent out: "Hey guys, got this email from a nice lady who is interested in sitting in with us. I’m enclosing a copy of the text. I have added her to our address list, and hope that she will receive this also.

I think it would be great if she joined us to play. Wouldn’t it be great to add some Irish to our repertoire (sic most likely since I can’t spell).

I’m hoping that her posting updates from our little email list will continue to spread the idea of what NCDSS is all about and we can grow from it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful MLK day. Have to go back to work tomorrow, but will be a short week.

AS Roy used to say, "happy trails …. until we meet again" that would be tommorrow night at Evangelines.



Sounds like a nice bunch, yes?

Evangeline Coffee House, Slidell, LA

NSCDS stands for North Shore Country Dance and Song Society. We are actually a local of an international organization (country song and dance society) the purpose is to promote understanding and perpetuation of traditional music and dance. We host contra dances from time to time ( a version of 15 century dancing). I enjoy playing for the dancers. Irish music is very popular due to its inherent liveliness.


Slidell, LA

Please call for location before you come. Attending different venues!

Slidell, LA

Northshore Country Dance & Song Society: A nonprofit group founded in Slidell, LA, in 1999. They play and listen to American folk music: old-time, irish, scottish, bluegrass, Cajun, country, and a pinch of "miscellany". Involved in special events: music workshops, dances, concerts, and weekly open sessions. Call (985) 781-5620 or (985) 643-0694 for information. To join the Mailing List, call (985) 781-5625 or email taylorct41@mindspring.com

Re: Evangeline’s Coffee House

This clearly was never a session.

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