The Dolphin

14 The Barbican, Plymouth, Devon, England

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Dolphin Session

First Sunday afternoon of each month starting about 1:30 p.m. Mixed session. We are a friendly bunch - it is not suitable for beginners although we will do our best to encourage you.

Still going

Sometimes people wonder when a post is old whether or not the session is still going. The answer is “yes”. All details remain the same. Actually we’ve been going for about 16 years!

And still going

Yes we are still going strong. As previously stated it is for competant musicians, nearly all the people attending play in semi-pro bands of some description.


Is clearly lacking in my spelling in the above post!

Re: The Dolphin

Both of the Dolphin sessions are still going strong.

The first Sunday of the month session is an afternoon affair, starts around 13.30. Mostly tunes with some songs.

The second Monday is an evening session, mostly songs with some tunes.

Re: The Dolphin

Both sessions are still going strong.

Re: The Dolphin

Both sessions have now restarted after Covid.

Re: The Dolphin

The Sunday afternoon session has just celebrated its 27th birthday.