2 Rathgar Road, Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland

  • Schedule: Friday.

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Fantastic session. good variety of instruments, very welcoming of first timers and singers

Maybe, sensibleken, you might enlighten us regarding this place’s actual address? Simply putting ‘Rathmines’ doesn’t pass muster.

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you can tell I’m bored at work today

It probably is, Danny, but it’s not even in frigging Rathmines! I’m pretty bored too (actually, I’m even prettier when I’m very bored).

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thats the place. how do you actually cut muster?

oh and its in rathmines, just opposite rathmines garda station

what time do ye kick off?

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Re: Graces

In case anyone was wondering (I was, before taking a shot in the dark and just going), this session is still going strong in 2018. Great mix of tunes and songs, and generally welcoming to newcomers. Not sure what time it starts, possibly 9 or 9:30.