Six comments

Cattigans’ Tuesday session

Mainly singers’ session. Also for improvers on instruments. Newcomers welcome. Not a high powered session but has its moments. Microphones were introduced some time ago- so now they shout louder! Very friendly and owners very accommodating and involved.

Double purfling

Hi Eve. Really enjoyed the session on Dec 28th 10. despite the tortuous keys. I know another accordionist here who plays everything in C, but I would still advise your friend to stay in the corner (joke). ’Tis a nice pub - it’s always a good sign when people applaud.
Seems to me that the amplification of 50% has lead to 2 sessions but in any case by the end we were having our own little session which seemed to be developing that timeless quality….but to stick to the point, I’d agree with your initial comments - friendly,, flexible, and a great way to spend an eveniing.

New Owners

New owners keen to keep session going. Some new musicians there now and this is refreshing. Still amplified though. Any hints on sabotage? Welcoming place with friendly atmosphere.

An Apology

Ok, I’ve been rather mean in my comments on the A-M-P-L-I-F-I-C-A-T-I-O-N. This is now a very mixed session with all types of music going down & all sorts accommodated to boot! Not a trad purist’s paradise by any means, but it’s a great night out for anyone entertaining visitors from abroad or afar. That’s a blessing indeed in these lean times. You’ll certainly enjoy the buzz, the friendliness and the all-round lively atmosphere. You will not find a livelier crowd abroad of a Tuesday night! Well done to the owners and to everyone who helps to lift the spirits…and the pints too!

Must visit again soon…

I must try to get to you all again soon - it’s a bit of a hike from Ballymote though….

Re: PJ’s

There’s still music there on Tuesday nights, but it’s definitely not a trad session now. I’m told that it’s fully amplified, well attended and enjoyable.
It is what it is, as the saying goes. So be warned, ye strolling players!