The Vaults Bar

64 High Street, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England

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The Vaults Bar - Stony Stratford

For over thirty years, The Vaults Bar at The Bull Hotel, has been home to a weekly Sunday afternoon session (12:30 - 3:00pm and on) Started by the late Matt Armour in the mid seventies, the session has always offered a very warm welcome to ALL, from beginners to many of the greats of the folk and blues traditions. Matt sadly passed away in February 2009 but his legacy lives strong. The session is a typical “around the room”. Experienced muscians (and big voices!) abound and will offer accompaniment and encouragement to anyone who wants to play a tune or sing a song. Please drop in and say hello, or take a seat….and play some music ; )

The Vaults Bar - Stony Stratford

"I came into your company an ordinary man,
And the first thing I encountered was your outstretched hand,
When you said, “If you’re a singer, then you’re welcome here,”
And through the years you all became so dear
I’m glad that I have known you since the time when I was young,
The stories that we’ve shared and the countless songs we’ve sung;
So if one day I’m missing here, as missing I shall be,
Raise your glass and sing an old, old song for me."
Matt Armour………………..RIP & thanks Matt

Location ??

The map for this is wrong - it is actually at Stony stratford near Milton Keynes - postcode MK11 1AQ

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Still going?

Is this one still on the go?


Still Going - you bet!

Yes, Mag, still going.
It’s a round the room lunch time session of great atmosphere.
Tunes/songs in equal measure, English, Americany, Irish anything goes really.
Still 12.30 to 3ish.
Not good if it’s lots of Irish tunes you are after.

Warning! Video Recording

A ‘Tablet’ computer being used at this sing around last Sunday 4th January 2015!

I was recorded without my permission or knowledge and when I realised that this had happened I asked that the recording be deleted.
The individual concerned was reluctant to do this and I have no confirmation that the recording has indeed been deleted.
Take warning…..

Re: The Vaults Bar

Just to correct the map…..

Bye the bye, a bit of trivia for those who like that sort of thing.
The Bull is one of the two pubs/hotels virtually next door to each other in the main street of Stony Stratford that gave rise to the expression a ‘Cock and Bull story’ These hostelries date back to coaching days and it is said that anybody looking for someone without success having told that they were perhaps in one of these two pubs soon came to realise they had been told a ……

Still much the same today ha ha.