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RE: Mick’s Pub, New Orleans, LA

This just in from Justin Murphy, a fine professional irish flute player:

"There is also a session one Friday a month at Mick’s, an Irish bar in mid-city on Bienville. Everyone’s pretty friendly and willing to welcome new folks in, so it can be quite fun. I never get to go, unfortunately, because I’m always playing at O’Flaherty’s on Friday nights.

I do give lessons on flute and tin whistle, if you’re interested. I work at O’Flaherty’s six nights a week, but other than that my schedule is pretty flexible. —Justin"

—darn right, I’m interested, Justin!


Mick’s Pub

New Basin Canal Branch Of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann In New Orleans: A local branch of Comhaltas which organizes classes, concerts, and sessions at the local level. There is a monthly Ceili at Mick’s Pub in New Orleans with music, dancing, singing and story-telling, family outings such as bike rides & picnics, weekly set dance lessons at Micks, a quarterly magazine, planned language lessons, and a new project, an Irish Cultural Center. For membership, see the form at the site or email Noel Reid at .


Session this Saturday, 14th November @ 8pm

Session defunct

According to the bartender, this session is no longer active.