The Globe

199 North Lumpkin Street, Athens, Georgia, USA

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The Globe Session in Athens 3-6 evrey Sunday

Very friendly session. Usually about 8-10 players from intermediate to advanced but beginers are welcome as long as they are willing to listen and learn tunes they don’t know. Everybody gets a chance to call a tune or song. A bit of old time influence as well as Celtic but it works. Singers welcome especially trad.

The Globe Session in Athens GA — now 4-7 pm

Yes, the time is now 4-7 pm on Sundays. Thank you, Globe, for the drinks!

The Globe Session in Athens GA — still 4-7 pm

We’re still there, Sundays from 4-7 pm. And the Globe still runs a tab for musicians. Not unlimited, but enough for a pint or two for all. Thank you, Globe!

This is our corner, with some of us. Paul is singing a traditional song about crime, drink, and betrayal.

Still happening?

I may be visiting Athens in the near future. Is this session still going?

Re: The Globe

We’re still here, playing tunes, singing the occasional song, and enjoying the Globe’s hospitality and their fine selection of beverages.

Re: The Globe

Hi, guys!

Is the session still going on after pandemic?
I’m a banjo player on a family vacation in Athens. Staying till Monday 21st, looking for a session. Unfortunately, don’t have any instruments with me, but if the session’s still on and somebody would be willing to lend me a banjo for a night, I’d be glad to repay the courtesy in pints. 🙂