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3448 Marinatown Lane, Fort Myers, Florida, USA

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2nd and 4th Sundays of every month. Starts at 5.

T.P. Hoolihan’s, Fort Myers

Every Sunday at 2 PM

Make that every Sunday at 5 - Slow session from 4-5

Every Sunday at 5 pm, slow sessions an hour ahead, every second week at 4 pm

Hoolihan’s is considering adding a Tuesday session, since the Tuesday session hosting pub, Ballyorney, has now closed. Call them to see if that’s happening. Nice people, good food and drink.

Sundays and Wednesdays

Thank you to TP Hoolihan’s and all lovers of Irish music in SWFL!

That’s Wednesdays at 6 PM, Sundays at 5, Beginner’s session 4-5 every other Sunday.

Yes, that’s EVERY week! Wednesdays at 6, Sundays at 5. No slow session. Lessons available!

Excellent, friendly session w/ leader Wednesday and Sunday Evenings

SWFL Fiddler and his lady (a stunning whistler/fifer) and a host of other traddies (including cjp, who makes some very nice whistles!) are seen/heard regularly at this session; those three are in a band together, so who needs practice when you have two sessions a week with your bandmates? Ah, bunch of perfectionists, they still practice, too… love having such an awesome session so close by twice a week! Some Wednesdays we are joined by wonderful musicians who have their own Sunday sessions in other locations, and some Sundays it’s just a small group of maybe seven or eight — always worthwhile, wonderful people to play with and learn from. Pretty much always have Things With Strings (fiddle, guitar, banjo, mando) and a whistle and a flute and a bodhran, and often a bass recorder and more things with strings — occ. a hammer duclimer — and more bodhrans (because of course one can never have too many — OK, Fiddler, please don’t throw that heavy object!!! 🙂 ) and vocal cords… dancers welcome, too, although we are likelier to get those "in season" — starting around October. So if you find yourself in the region, make sure it’s a Wednesday or a Sunday, and drop in for craic and a pint, and to play!

Re: T.P. Hoolihan’s

Still running Wednesday and Sunday evenings, thank you Ian and Trina! Even in summer…!

Re: T.P. Hoolihan’s

The pub is closed for the summer. They are looking for a new operator for the Fall to reopen in season.

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Formerly known as T.P. Hoolihan’s

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Wednesdays at 7

Re: Anchor In

Sad to find out that this session isn’t happening this evening. I could really use a session right about now. Bummer. Lesson—call ahead for this one. Maybe the members are mostly snowbirds…

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Session closed. The new managers (who changed the name from TP Hoolihan’s to Anchor In) decided Irish music was not really their thing. Made it hard to hear the sports screens’ sound.