The Huntsman

136 Manchester Road, Thurlstone, Yorkshire, England

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4th Thursday of month.

Usually advertised as crazy Crow playing but it is an open and hopefully welcoming session.

mainly tune ,with a few songs. irish, scottish , a bit of English, what ever comes up really.

next on 23rd Spetember 2010

Lovely, welcoming pub with very good beer

which thursdays? every one or monthly? Presumably last thursday in the month if the next is not until 23rd sept

Doh! Sorry, belay that! Didn’t see the first line!

Re: The Hunstman

Irish sesh still going strong - 4th Thursday (not the last Thursday) 8:30 - excellent beer

Re: The Huntsman

For eight years this has been listed here with the pub’s name misspelled as ‘Hunstman’! Now corrected.

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