Keegan’s Irish Pub

16 University Ave. NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Early session—starts around 6pm!

nice atmosphere—this session is just gettin’ going, so still pretty early—starts around 6pm or so and runs a few hours—would like to see it take off and happen later in the evening!

Still starts at 6pm

It’s been a year since the previous post. Keegan’s session runs from 6pm-10pm, and they stand firm on those times. Don’t get your hopes up for it running later.

Still Standing Firm…

Two years since last time check. We’re over due by a year. Keegan’s still starts at 6PM and runs till Ten-ish. The sessions there are usually as large as the Kieran’s sessions ranging from as low as ten people, to a wooping twenty-six people! and every session is a great time.


Learners’ Session

Sessions may and have run until nearly midnight.

We have a learners’ session Monday night from 6 until 9. No sheet music allowed and some facility with your instrument required.

Virginia Keegan

Learners’ and Regular Sessions

Learners’ session 4 - 6PM with Chad McAnally.

Regular session begins at 6 and musicians may play until closing. I may not last that late, but go for it if you don’t work the next morning!

Virginia Keegan

Re: Keegan’s Irish Pub

Still running two sessions as above in 2018.

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