Red Lion

8 Church Street, Sapcote, Leicestershire, England

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Red Lion

The session is mainly Irish tunes with a healthy smattering of some English tunes and songs. It happens on the 2nd Tuesday of each month and in common with most other sessions, doesn’t get going until 9:00pm-ish.

The January session in 2011 will be the 2nd anniversary session.

As of March 2011, it would be advisable to get there early as there are usually between 12 - 18 musicians.

January 2012 saw the 3rd “Birthday” session. February’s session had about 20 musicians. Still doesn’t start until 9:00pm tho’! Free food usually served (sarnies) at about 10:00ish
Whilst I remember, tunes are played at the speed of the person who starts them and NOT the speed that someone else thinks they should go at. So by default, its a friendly session.

At the August session we had a truly memorable evening as the wonderful Sean Cannon came along and sang many songs and regaled us with humour.

The January 2014 session will be the 5th birthday for the session!

Red Lion session has ENDED as of 8th April 2014

The session run by the stalwarts has finished. They are now running a session at the Sharnford Arms.

Session started again! 13th May 2014

Looking forward to going to the re-started session at the Red Lion.
Hopefully it will run as a traditional ‘session’ where the tunes and songs just keep coming with little or no direction or prompting required. So don’t wait to be invited to play…..just get on with it and join in!
No half time break, no ‘parish notices’ after all it’s a session not a folk club so come down and be part of it.

There’s also a play-around at the same time at the Sharnford Arms round the corner with some friendly performers and singers so you’re spoilt for choice!

Re: Red Lion

This session is still going, once a month on the second Tuesday. Informal with a beginner friendly attitude.

Re: Red Lion

It’s really ruddy irritating that in a place where sessions are extremely rare and the players few and scattered 2 damn sessions are held monthly, on the same damn night, just a couple of miles apart because some little boys have squabbled about who does what with their toys!

Re: Red Lion

This session is, I am reliably informed, in a use it or lose it position. The next couple of months will decide whether it continues or not it seems. I find it difficult to get along each time and sometimes very thin on the ground when I have. It’s up to the turn out now to inspire the host to keep it going. I’m going to give it a bash next month ( November 14th, 17 ) if I am within striking distance. If you are local or localish and want to help keep this session afloat there are perhaps not going to be many more opportunities to do so. I’ve always found it pretty friendly and unpretentious and there is plenty of opportunity to play if you are able.

Re: Red Lion

Given past decline last night was a welcome return to some sort of form. Plenty of opportunity to play and a fairly broad common repertoire ( a smattering of Irish, Scottish and English standards ) are a solid foundation that can, it seems, keep this session afloat if attendance keeps up.

Re: Red Lion

Just got back from this session, a little earlier than I’d have chosen but the De’il is the paymaster and needs must. Great to see it has come out of the doldrums and is now an entertaining and hopefully sustainable bash. Shame it’s still monthly IMO but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Onwards!