Het Muzikantenhuis

Dampoortstraat 50, Ghent, East Flanders, Belgium

Three comments

Het Muzikantenhuis

The ‘firtst monday of the month’ session has moved here. As the name says (in English it means ‘The Musician’s House’) we’re very welcome here.
One of the nicest places in Ghent, make sure to came around if you’re in town.

Session now on first Tuesday in the month

The Irish music session seems to have moved to the first Tuesday in the month about a year ago. Other weeks there are bluegrass and old-time, Swedish and tune-learning sessions . We had a friendly welcome from Fre, who plays whistle. The night we called there was a good standard of music on whistles, flute, pipes, fiddles and accordion.

Re: Het Muzikantenhuis

The sessions currently are the first tuesday of the month. Wonderful venue for and by musicians. Free of yelling drunkards and smoke, it always seems everyone is there for the music. A true melting pot of folk music.