Le Welsh

25 Place Louis Imbach, Angers, Pays De La Loire, France

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The Session

Fortnightly session at a small friendly pub in the heart of Angers.
Looking to put the swing into tunes in a traditional manner.
Send me a mail via this site is you are passing through and looking for a tune.

Nous démarrons une session de musique traditionnelle irlandaise ce mardi 05 octobre à 20h30
au pub "Le Welsh" à Angers. Celle-ci aura lieu ensuite tous les 15 jours de manière régulière.
Nous souhaitons profiter de ce moment pour enrichir notre répertoire en apprenant et partageant de nouveaux morceaux dans la joie et la bonne humeur.

For those who cannot read french that well . Its a fortnightly session on tuesdays starting on the 5th Oct 20:30

First night went well even got free beers and some snacks !

Nice session last night 2 harps 2 flutes 2 fiddles and myself felt like noahs ark

Pub Closed for Holidays

Yes the Pub is closed for Holidays, dont ask its a very French thing
So the next session will be the 25th Jan

We are Back!

Yes we are back on the 25th .
Next Tuesday

Another great evening last night.
three flutes ,two fiddles , the great Marco on pipes and some bloke on the Bouzouki. plus a couple of nice songs.

April session dates?

Hi, I have been looking for some trad irish or similar stuff when visiting. Would that fit the bill? And if you know please can I ask what dates you have for April? Cheers Snij

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I sent you an email with the dates, ( 5th and 19th) Do you play Snij?

Well it was flute city last Tuesday, 5 flutes a record or should that be a a Chord ?

Closed for the Summer

Well we will be away for the summer and restart in September
Our last blast of the season will be on the 12th July

We will restart the 6th september

Things are go for next tuesday

We are Back!

We are back .
Myself and the usual crowd , three flutes, zouk , two fiddles whistle and harp last night .
Unfortunetly our Harpist is off to Galway for a year
Bonne chance Manon !

Good session last time two fiddles 2 Flutes pipes Bodhran and myself plus Tooty sang a song !
However we will not be meeting on the 1st Nov as its a bank holiday and the pub is closed .
Instead we will meet on the 8 th and the 15th Nov and from then on fortnightly, comme d’habitude as they say in these parts !

Wow just realised we have been going over a year !!!!!!!!

We will be having a session on the 27th Dec

The Pub is closing for a Holiday ( well this is France )
We will restart on a fortnightly basis on the 17th Jan 😉

For reasons far too complicated to go into here we will be meeting weekly for three weeks 🙂
so 23rd ,31 st Jan ( 9:30start )and 7th Feb.

we are back to meeting on a fortnightly bais
Starting next week

there will be no session on the 1st May as its a bank holiday and the pub is closed .
Instead we will have a one off session on the 3rd May with special guests 🙂


There is one more session before the summer break

Bonjour à tous !

Un petit mot pour vous donner la date de la dernière session de la saison au Welsh.

Elle aura lieu le mardi 10 juillet à partir de 20h30 comme d’hab !


For those who dont speak french last session before the summer break is 10 July 😉
We will return in September For Our third year running


Well thats it for another year . Our 4 th year will start on the 4th September . Be there or be a four sided pointy thing .

Yup we are back next week . Lets see who has learned new tunes .
Well not me obviously but Tooty has most of the new album from a Mr Kevin Crawford to play now 😉


Well folks its christmas which means no sessions until the 22 Jan due to holidays at the pub
See you next year

Next session 3rd september
Be there or be square


Next session 21st Jan due to holidays . Its france and its ski time !
I dont get it either

Last Session of the season next tuesday .
We return in the autumn !



Est cela l’automne encore?

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Re: The Welsh

Hi there. Are there any sessions that run through August?

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Re: Le Welsh

just to let folks know this session is still going strong even though we have had a change of pub ownership - usual french things like holidays and opening times apply . The session is in two parts - a slow session at six ish followed by a faster session at 9 ish