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Another Scottish session

This session is the same core of players from the Anchor Pub in Everett. Scottish smallpipes, border pipes, fiddle, guitar etc. Again, the Irish sessions are well represented in this area so the focus is on Scottish tunes from the Highlands, Islands, Lowlands as well as Cape Breton. Not to say we don’t include any Irish tunes as there is so much crossover.

We aim to hit this one on the 2nd Sunday. The next one is October 10.

So far…

So, the 10th turned out to be a rollick but we were hampered by a lack of guitar or any other back up for the first half or so. Odd how austere it all sounds without them. The place was busy and the crowd was appreciative. Next one is November 14.


I haven’t checked in on this one for a while. We are going pretty steady, still meeting the 2nd Sunday starting at 3:00 PM and usually go until 6:00.

We are having a short-ish session this Sunday, 9th of December and following it up with some scheduled performances as part of a celebration with the Celtic Arts Foundation which is a major supporter and organizer of Scottish cultural events in the area.

We’ll be back to the standard format in the new year.

Skagit River Brewery

As with most sessions it will be fast-paced and most of the participants will be competent musicians and familiar with the tunes. Some listening, watching, and even inconspicuous recording would be in order for a beginner. Then learn the tunes before the next session and join in gradually to get confidence. Even a deadened strum will contribute rhythm and start the participation process.

post a time?


jenny in Mount Vernon

List of tunes

One might also create a playlist on TheSession and link it to this page (in a comment like this), listing which tunes are commonly played in Mount Vernon.

- Bryce from Spokane

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Session times: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

3:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Hi, Craig. I am a regular at this session and posted it here when it started up a couple years ago.


We are a sometimes-setlist kind of session. We’ll default to some standards to kind of corral everybody or if nobody is forthcoming. Otherwise we like to keep it spontaneous though we certainly have some favorites.

We’ll be at the craic tomorrow. Come by and say hello.


My first Skagit session

Hi, Aaron,
I was there, recording to an iPad. It was excellent and I plan to return regularly, practicing on my guitar in the meantime so I can someday join in. Maybe on piano accordion in the far future, but that’s a long shot. I will tread lightly as I transition from other genres. I’ll introduce myself next time.

New location!

Our Scottish music session has now moved to the new Celtic Arts Foundation’s Littlefield Celtic Center at 1124 Cleveland Ave. in Mt Vernon, WA. The open sessions are held the first Sunday of the month from 3 - 6 pm and start with a slower tempo working up in speed as the afternoon progresses. We play some standard tunes from our Winterschool tune books and can help you get the ‘dots’ if you need ‘em!