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Friendly Session

This is an open session, open to all.
Plays a wide selection of music;
Mainly Celtic tunes & songs.
But often drifts off into a bit of blues, jazz and rock.

Checkout facebook for the latest session.

Regular session @ Molly Malones on the first Tuesday of every month.

Other sessions @ The Yard and The Colbar.

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Friendly session?

I was really excited to find an open session while travelling through South East Asia. I phoned the pub to confirm it was on and my husband and I turned up to listen to start off with. I knew a lot of the tunes and asked if I could join in. I was given a shrug but no space was made for me in the session circle and nobody spoke to me at all. So I left after half an hour. I have played regularly in sessions for 8 years and have never experienced anything like this before.