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New Session at O’Neill’s in Soho

* NEW Traditional Irish music SESSION * NEW SESSION * NEW SESSION * NEW SESSION * EVERY SUNDAY (5 - 7pm) O’Neill’s in Soho. 33-37 Wardour Street, London, W1D 6PU Tel: 0207 494 9284 with Barbara Hackett (Accordion), Mick O’Connor (Tenor banjo), Mick Bailey (Guitar/vocals) Traditional Musicians and supporters Welcome. We are using mics at this session. Tube Piccadilly Circus
You can check any time for a regularly updated list of sessions I am helping to organise.
Please forward this info to anyone else who would be interested.
Best Wishes
Mick Bailey (Bandleader)
Wraggle Taggle
18A Dunollie Road, London, NW5 2XP
020 7267 7737

O’neills Wardour street Sunday sessions

Sundays will be rather busy at O’Neills on Wardour Street, with 3 live acts it total from 5oclock until the wee small hours.

Wraggle Taggle will be joining us from 5:30 until 7:30 every sunday, this is a fully engineered gig with plenty of room for invited good players to join in.

later between 8 and 10 we have a celtic rock act, i know most trad fans aren’t into this form of Irish Music but its really worth popping in for a pint or five and having a jump around to bands like Feckless and Baka Beyond.

Even later is our rock covers band and DJ, and between now and Christmas we are open until 3 in the morning, making Monday mornings something to look forward to for once.

I know Mick but the pubs contact detail on here but please don’t call them directly as the will only ask you to call me on my mobile.

If you want to join the session please call Mick Bailey on 02072677797 or myself Joe at Sham-rock entertainment on 07709 525 782

So its a gig really


Byeeee O’Neill’s

As predicted they’ve cancelled us! O’Neill’s keep trying trad Irish music only to find they really want rock bands! Never mind we’re better off in the Crown anyway! Mick