The Steam Packet Inn

Harbour Row, Isle Of Whithorn, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

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Times etc.

Third Sunday of the month, 2.30pm onwards.

A friendly afternoon session of predominantly Irish and Scottish tunes.


After various postings about wig glue, etc, I thought this must be a joke.
My apologies to all Scots present.

This one is still going strong (August 2011).

Strong stuff that SyrupStik!

The next time I go to Belfast (which I do every now and then) I should surely go via the Stanraer ferry and visit Wigtown!
Where does the name come from? I assume it’s a Scottish thing and not a perukish or 18/ 19th century political thing (Whigs?!)!

from Wiki: W.F.H. Nicolaisen offered two explanations for the place-name Wigtown. One theory was that is meant ‘dwelling place’, from the Old English ‘wic-ton’; however, if it is the same as Wigton in Cumbria, which was ‘Wiggeton’ in 1162 and ‘Wigeton’ in 1262, it may be ‘Wigca’s farm‘. Other sources have suggested a Norse root with ’Wic‘ or ’Wig‘ meaning ’bay‘, giving the origin as a translation of ’The town on the bay’.

Re: The Steam Packet Inn

Is the session still going i.e. will it be on on the 16th of Sept.?