The Hole In The Wall

5 Mepham Street, Southwark, London, England

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New Session

New Irish session starting this Sunday, 16th January 2011 from 6pm onwards.


I’ll post a better description once we know what the first one goes like!

I know that pub - at Waterloo isn’t it? A fine selection of real ales. Who have you got playing?

Underneath the arches…

This pub was the first stopping off point in the old days when up town. We’d always go from Wimbledon via Waterloo.
Will you be in the small front bar or the big back bar?!
It’s a shame it is Sunday. Sessionwise on Sundays I’m spoilt for choice (SW19, SW17)…
Anyway I may venture up.
Good to indirectly hear from you Mr Gott!

One of my favourite London pubs - used to serve a tremendous pint of Brakespear. Good luck!

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Hole in the Wall

Thanks for a great session Daniel

Great Session!

So, firstly let me say thank-you to everyone who came down last night - it was a thoroughly enjoyable sesh!

There will now be a session here every week from roughly 6pm (i.e. when the football finishes).

In answer to previous questions: Yes, the pub is just outside Waterloo station, underneath the railway arches and has a large selection of well kept cask ales. From memory there was Doom-bar, Bass, Tea and some others - not sure if Brakespear was on but I’ll make a comprehensive list if people are interested. We are playing in the big back bar with plenty of space for everyone to fit in.

At the height of last night’s fun we had x5 fiddles, x2 flutes, x2 banjos, x1 accordion, x1 melodeon, x1 bodhran, x3 guitarists (playing alternatively), x1 piper and some lovely songs from 5 different players. So again, thanks to everyone who turned up and helped get the session off to a flying start! Hopefully see you all next week 🙂

Hole in one

Very enjoyable sesh, for the brief time I was able to stay - long may it last. Should be able to drop by next week also.

Concerning ales: they also had Young’s ordinary which slipped down rather nicely. Didn’t see any Brakespears.


So, as I’ve arrived early this week I’ll give you a quick run down of what’s on offer. On cask there’s:

Bounds Scrumpy Cider, Well’s Bombardier, Greene King’s London Glory and IPA, Sharp’s Doom Bar, Bass Premium Ale, Skinner’s Ginger Tosser (don’t ask, it’s a Cornish ale) and Daleside’s Old Leg Over.

. . .

Then the session started and I got quite drunk and didnt have time to finish off the list! Great craic again though - thanks to all those who came down. Hopefully see you all next week 🙂

The next train is for London Waterloo and calls at Earlsfield, Clapham Junction, Vauxhall & London Waterloo…

Fab session! Fab room to play in despite the occasional rather concerning roaring rumbling Stovicor-like that sounds like the Four Horse Men of Apocalypse have arrived- this is actually trains directly above on the viaduct on there way to or from Charing Cross. The pub is ‘underneath the arches’.
A lot of familiar faces. Good cheap beer. As mentioned above a bit of a emporium for those of you that dig the real ale.
I sat next to Ed whose viola mad a visual comedy pairing with my baritone doodah (the uke looking like a small G-word instrument thing and the viola like an enormous fiddle).
Thanks to all!!

I can see this becoming a bit of a classic sesh!

A warning for dipsomaniacs…

I was at this very good and developing session last week and had a great time BUT!!!…

The bar closes absolutely on the dot at half past ten. It’s just like the olden times when this happened always and everywhere on Sunday nights.
10.30 pm: Bang! Closed- no quick last one. And the bar staff start collecting glasses and hassling you to drink up & get out straight away- no sitting around finishing off with a couple more sets. I was out of there, waited for & been on on the train and trudging down Wimbledon Broadway on the way to my house by 11.15 pm! Nearly time for a last tune and pint at the Wig Museum… Next time I’ll take my leave at 10 pm and do just that- finish off at at B B King’s W M…

But this is an advantage for those of us who have to don our harmless drudge hats on Monday mornings. We’ll have been playing for 4 hours by this time anyway and if you haven’t managed to pour enough alcohol down your neck in that time there’s either no hope for you or you need to buck up your ideas. DO keep up at the back!

St. Patrick’s Day

There will be a special one off session on the 17th March from 5-7pm hosted by myself, Willie, and Dicky Deegan (pipes). Definitely worth popping in to hear Dicky after work if nothing else. Check out his myspace page here:

Hopefully see you there for a few pints/tunes!

Will miss the session while I am away over Easter!

Thanks Dan, Willie et al for a great few months of Sundays since this session started up. So welcoming and fun!

WIllie - by the way sailrail website has gone, you get redirected to the Arriva trains website where you can still get the cheap tickets.

Happy Easter and see you all in May.

Abscense makes the heart grow fonder…

Thanks for the comments Ceara, I’m sure you’re really upset to be in some hot country playing music with great people and food - haha! I’m going away myself for about 6 weeks from today and I will genuinely miss the session, but it’s going strong from week to week so alls good. Willie will be manning the fort in my abscence so the session will still be mighty as ever! Have fun guys, I’ll see you in June with tales of sessions from eastern europe…

Great session

Really frendly, enjoyable group.

Was playing there last night. Daniel’s away, the session continues.

Still going strong

Still here, every Sunday from 6pm (or as soon as the football finishes) until 21:30, or as long after that as people want to carry on for. Lots of well kept real ales, diverse crowd and friendly staff. Recent guest musicians have included Dicky Deegan and Brendan McAuley (pipes) as well as Dick Smith (banjo extraordinare).


Hole in the Wall times

The session wil be running from 7 till 10:30 in future

Sadly, I can’t make it anymore. Willie Barr and friends running it now…

Good session and very happy to indulge a visiting Scotsman. Friendly bunch, nice tunes played at a good old rate of knots. decent beer at pretty good London prices. I’ll be back.

This session has been cancelled. The staff juat told me it’s not running any more.

The Hole In The Wall

7:30pm – 10:30pm on Sundays with Liam Barr (guitar) and Nick Goode (fiddle).

Re: The Hole In The Wall

Inadvertently went to this sesh yesterday (Oct 2022) and had some lovely tunes.

Re: The Hole In The Wall

Is this session still running? Would a (intermediately good) bodhran player be welcome?