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Frenchtown Session

This open session meets on the second and fourth Sundays of the month from 1PM to 4PM.

Musicians tend to be intermediate to advanced in ability. Tunes are mostly traditional and include songs in equal measure.

River Blue is a cafe on Bridge Street, the main road through Frenchtown, a small riverside town about twenty minutes north of Stockton along Rte. 29.

If you’ve wanted to bring your kids but your regular session is in a pub, this will be a great alternative.


Singers are always welcome at this session, as are djembes, bouzoukis, funny hair cuts and clothes. We’re lucky that the nearest trad police barrack is many miles away, so we never get raided!

Session Cancelled! Moved to Factory Fuel Cafe, Flemington, New Jersey

In July of 2015 River Blue Cafe closed unexpectedly. Our session has found a new home at Factory Fuel Cafe, Flemington, New Jersey - please see listing for that session for more details!