Irish Cultural Center

200 New Boston Drive, Canton, Massachusetts, USA

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Friday sessions at the Irish Cultural Center, Canton MA

There are two Friday sessions at the ICC:
7:00 is the slower speed "learners" session hosted by John Kearney
9:00 is the "next level" session hosted by Bill Black

Food is available until around 10 or so. Later session usually ends around 11:15pm.

Very friendly people in nice surroundings. Any specific questions about the late session should be emailed to me (


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Are the Friday night sessions still up and running?

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There seems to be only one Friday evening session, commencing at 7pm.

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There are two sessions every week at this ICC
FRIDAY AT 7: This is a great session for beginners because of common and easy tune selections. There’s a healthy mix of singing and playing and usually around 15 people attend. Don’t forget to check out the tune list on the link in the description as well.
SATURDAY AT 5: Not as busy as the Friday session from what I have heard, but I haven’t ever attended.