The Irish Legend

8933 South Archer Avenue, Willow Springs, Illinois, USA

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New Murphy-Roche Session

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month from 2-4. Every Tuesday from 7:30-10.

The Murphy Roche group are very serious Irish musicians. Skill level is relatively diverse, lead by several experienced players associated with Murphy Roche.

They can be contacted at or

Zippy, is this the one with Mike Chole that used to be in Bolingbrook ?


Yes, same

Actually. I just realized. Schedule has changed. It is every Sunday now.

Nice friendly group.

Re: The Irish Legend

Still going strong every Sunday from 3-5pm. Sometimes interrupted for Bears games or Blackhawk/Bulls playoffs. Best to check the facebook page first:

Re: The Irish Legend

Irish Legend’s session now held nearly every Sunday, 4-5 PM. It is the most kid friendly session around, and still challenging for advanced players.

Irish Legends

The Irish Legends session, hosted by the Murphy Roche Irish Music Club, is every Sunday from 3-5 and every first Wednesday of the Month from 7-9. On occasions, the Sunday session is moved to accommodate a football game.

Re: The Irish Legend

Currently Murphy Roche is only doing Sunday sessions from 3-5pm and no longer on the first Wed. of the month.

The Irish Legend

Usually, every Sunday, all of the kids from Murphy Roche Irish Music School get together here to have a session. Everyone loves it! I am in this music school with my two little sisters, Nora and Fiona. I also think that you would want to come see this session because my friend, Lexi, who won worlds, which is a irish music competition, is usually in this session as well. Now, she is the best 15- fiddle player in the world! I think you would love to come see her. Hope to see you there!

Re: The Irish Legend

As far as I can gather, the Murphy Roche Irish Music School Sunday Session has moved to Clancy’s Pizza Pub at 4624 W 103rd St, Oak Lawn, IL, from 3:00pm-5:00pm. My understanding is that The Irish Legend is not currently hosting a session.