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New session in Waltham, Mass

The Mad Raven is a nice little pub, open without being too bright. Regulars seem to enjoy the music.

Hosted by me (Frank Gibbons, pipes) and Sean Smith (guitar, bazouki), aided and abetted by Steve Levy (banjo, mandolin).

Come on down!

Open or closed session?

Saltcast, it’s most definitely "open." Happy to have singers as well as musicians, too.

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On hiatus

Great session, but off for July and August… hopefully resumes in September.

Never did resume after that summer.

Owners decided there was more money in catering to football fans than Irish music fans. It was a good thing while it lasted.

Re: The Mad Raven

I was just at this pub a couple weeks ago. I liked it. Been enough time, maybe we can get it back? May be worth investigating…