The Cross Keys

A4 Bath Road, Corsham, Wiltshire, England

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New Session

Friendly session, beginners welcomed. Lovely pub with open fire, good acoustics and smashing Guinness proud of the top of the glass.
Landlords used to run a pub in Inverness, want to get a proper session going, so if you’re nearby come along. We’ve had English box players and broadside ballads but the session is usually led by a 4 players of Irish trad - flute, low whistle, fiddle guitar, mandolin and bodhran played. Melody players of all types really welcome, very warm appreciative locals - could be a cracker when it gets well known. Reserve a seat early!

Session Upodate, May 2011

Starting to really roll, great mix of fiddlers - mostly accomplished but more beginners like me are very welcome to come and play their favourites in public.
Some lovely accompaniment to ballads has materialised. Really enjoying the mix of things played, although it is mostly Irish. The Englishmen even played an English slip jig last week - is that possible? ;) Starts at 9:00 and on ‘til late.

Session Update, June 2011

Some great music coming out. Lovely songs this week from Phil the Dev, Mrs Miranda and great ould shtyle from Arthur on his pipes with two accordians either side too. Fforbes with one f smashing any dead air with his lively polkas and slides. 9 of us this week and playing from sweet OCarolan to earthy Paddy Fahy. Great to see beginner mandolin players and new bodhranis. All welcome.

Re: Crosskeys

The pub is now apparently closed.