Sally O’Brien’s

1-3 Ulitsa Bol. Polyanka, Moscow, Moscow, Russia

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New Session

Went in and played a few tunes here last night and was very well received so we’ll give it a go weekly.

Every Thursday 7-9pm.

A short session I know, but once the landlord realises we’re better for custom than ice-hockey I’m sure we can carry on all night. There should be some free drinks thrown into the mix too. Not a huge pub so might only be space for 8-10 musicians max but we’ll see. Hopefully see a few of you next week…

Fair play to Sally, you rarely get a good reaction from Moscow pub managers when something like an impromptu session happens. But here they welcomed live music - and not for the first time. Memories of the great night session with the Begleys still live on!

Maybe see you next time I’m in Moscow. Last time Iooked into SO’Bs it was all loud football on the TV

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Good craic!

Not too many players down to the opening night but the manager (Andre) was very happy - so it’s now on every week from 7-10pm with a few free drinks for the musicians - and they serve a good pint of Guinness! Best to check with the pub first that it’s happening if coming a long way though.

Long may she proper and all those who sail in her! Yeaarrrrgh…