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The Bell, Sydenham

I have managed to get a session together at The Bell, Bell Green, Sydenham, SE26 5SJ, 020 8778 6636, starting Tuesday, 24th May 2011.
No money involved, but I have been assured of free beers. Strangely enough it’s quite a nice pub despite its location on a traffic island and next to the gasworks and Savacentre.
All useful musicians are welcome, but save us from death by spoons and bodhrans.

Every tuesday…

Oh, and I meant to say, it’s every Tuesday (I hope).


I also meant to say, I do think this could be a good one. The manager John seems a very nice chap, and had asked around about our competence as sessioneers before getting back to me, so he obviously took the idea very seriously. The pub has oak panelling so the acoustics should be good. He said to sit anywhere, so wherever is best for the sound. I warmly look forward to getting this sesh set up and going, and also hope you other local Londoners will endorse it by your presence.

Fair play, I’ll try and pop in for a tune when I return in June. At least it’ll be closer than the Kilkenny!

Oh well that didn’t work out too good, did it Rudall?
Any one want to make this happen?

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Daniel Gott, from what I’ve heard I don’t think you’d be welcome if this takes off.

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Sorry about that - but best not to say online.

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It’ll be interesting to see what Danny has to say on his return here from his current exile to the naughty corner…
I’d nip down the Bell myself tonight if I wasn’t just going round the corner to the Wig Museum.

Small but perfectly formed

Lovely, relaxed session and very welcoming landlord. Nice to play with two longstanding friends. Took me back years.

I hope whoever joins understands that nobody takes the lead as it’s never been what it’s about.

I think keeping the session to 5 people would be the optimum.
It would be nice to have a good guitarist/singer to give us a few chords to smooth out the melody instruments and bring a bit of variety to the sets.

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Sounds great! Shame it is on the Tuesday!

yhaal, not wishing to poach players from the south wimbledon wig museum, but if anyone there feels that the SWWM sesh is too big for them, please inform of our bijou tuesday sessionette in sunny sydenham. ta.

Also,I should mention, for public transport, the nearest train station is Lower Sydenham which is just a few minutes away and is served by frequent trains from London Charing Cross via Waterloo East and London Bridge, and from Hayes, Kent via Clock House for the Croydon Tramlink. Also Sydenham Rail, which is served by the London Overground from HIghbury and Islington via Dalston Junction and Whitechapel, is a walkable distance not to far away. Several frequent bus services also operate nearby.

A guitarist would make all the difference

We would really welcome a guitarist as 3 soloist is just a wee bit too thin.
There were quite a few more people last night so this is a bit more encouraging. I hope it develops.

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3 soloists? You must surely have some tunes in common?

Wierd things happen down here in SE London, Alistair. 3 soloists who play together. It has been known. We try and hush it up.

In truth, this session is wide open. Big quiet pub, plenty of room, free drinks, easy going landlord, what more could you ask for?

"In truth, this session is wide open."

As long as your last name isn’t Gott it would seem!! Oh well.

Cath: Forget about a six string devil botherer. It’s a good job it’s on a Tues or your might have had a uke plunker attempting the trash your session!

Chords are fine David, I’m not worried about the uke. Anyway, it’s always good to see you for the company.

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Could do with musicians there tonight

Any string player (incl guitar) in the area tonight would be more than welcome .

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Two fiddles, one banjo and one guitar - and a thank you from John the landlord at the end of the night. Pretty good.

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Where was the flute/ box?

I heard there are youths gathering in Penge and that might spillover to Sydenham, so I’m not going to The Bell tonight. Sorry folks.

The Bell

Just as well, the Sainsbury’s garage across the way had its windows smashed.

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…and it got looted.
Hopefully back to normal tomorrow?

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Well, I quite enjoyed it even if we were down in numbers. Easy going, no hassle, no pressure, a bit of chat, a few tunes, a couple of free drinks. What more would you want?

Same again Tuesday…

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…as far as I’m concerned. Too much football early on, to wait upon to finish. I won’t be back.

Well may I suggest you fill up your empty Tuesday evenings with a trip to SW19?

It’s a shame this one didn’t take off. Somewhere as big as South London needs more regular, reliable & well attended sessions.

As they say: You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.