Ballyorney Irish Pub

13851 S Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers, Florida, USA

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Fort Myers Session

I am very grateful to the new management of the Ballyorney Pub in Fort Myers for inviting the traditional music session back, after a long hiatus. This was my home session for a number of years, and is one of the loveiest sessions anywhere. I will always remember the time one grand whistle player was persuaded to bring his tuba and we played polkas for 30 minutes. You never know what to expect, as there are many seasonal visitors who, thanks to the Session, have joined our happy tribe.


To clarify the above, the original session was at Dwyer’s Restaurant, but stopped when Dwyer’s closed.

Ballyorney, Fort Myers, FL

Going great, thanks to all who visit through here!

The snowbirds are back here in Florida, and we’re still going strong every Tuesday night. Old-Folks Florida American-style Early Bird start at 6:30 PM, and then we’re all wiped out by 11.

It was a mighty session at a great location, and I’d like to thank everyone who had come over the past year or so. It was open twice before with Tuesday night sessions over the years and God willing when it opens again real soon under different management I’ll be back to announce that the Tuesday night session in Fort Myers is back once again.

Sad stuff, but that’s the Irish Pub business in America. More gory details here: