The Glen Tavern

Greenans, R253, Glenties, Donegal, Ireland

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Glen Tavern

A mecca for all into the donegal fiddle style. the residents there are the famous Campbells so you can see why ! they are allways very friendly to everyone, allthough be prepared to have to give a solo! there is allways a great variety and a very much equall mix of tunes, songs, recitations, poems and dancing if there is room, it encompasses everything in the tradition. allways a very enjoyable night, only one problem, its in the middle of the mountains! a few miles from glenties. if your not from the area, perhaps you should get someone to show you were it is.


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Great session

This session is still going strong but quite unlike any other session as you’ll be expected to do a number of solo pieces. Very friendly and unusual tunes. But beware the tunes do not start until at least 10.30 pm and it was after 11.30pm on the night I was there!

Just a note that this pub isn’t actually in Glenties, but in Greenans some three miles from the town up the R253 to Ballybofey.

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Re: The Glen Tavern

Is there a recent update on sessions at The Glen Tavern? Thanks.

Re: The Glen Tavern

Last Saturday of the month.

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