Frongasse 9, Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

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Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at around 8-9 p.m.
The session on the 1st Wednesday is for advanced players. A lot of fiddles are there, along with 1-2 pipes, the occasional guitar and 2-3 bodhrans.
For beginners we have a slow session that just started up this year on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Tunes are played slowly and repeated often. The slow session repertoir should be available as sheet music either at the session itself or upon demand via email.

Sheet music for the Slow Session can be found at . Click on the “Session”-button in the left menu.


A “French Session” is held every 2nd Wednesday of the month, and a singing/ballad session is every 4th Wednesday.

Current schedule:

1st wed: session
2nd wed: dance session
3rd wed: slow session
4th wed: ballad session

Bleedin’ Heart’s descripions still apply for the 1st and 3rd wednesday.

As these sessions tend to be very tunish, we then installed the 4th for the singers. This session now has a nice mixture of songs and tunes. So, instrumentalists are still welcome😉

Having some fine dancers here as well, they are starting a dance event now on the 2nd wednesday. That means: about a dozen of expirienced dancers dance ceili, set and step, having some musos which pretend to be a juke box. Ceili dances are guided, so the dance floor is open for inderested people as well. Great fun, actually!

As far as i know the french session has movedto another day. I will find it out by request.

Session break

Due to renovation of the pub and change of owner there is no session in October 2015. When renovation is completed we will discuss a new schedule and announce it here. If anyone visits Bonn in search of a session meanwhile, please send me an email.

Session back again

Ok, the sessions are running again. Same schedule as before the break. Therefore my penultimate post (7 years ago) applies again.

Re: Fiddlers

Still going in 2018.

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Re: Fiddlers

The sessions at Fiddlers are well and truly alive and thriving!

Re: Fiddlers

Do the sessions take place again at the same schedule as before the pandemic?

Re: Fiddlers

The session is no back to its normal schedule, although there will be a summer break from June to August.
It’s taking place every Wednesday from 8.30 pm

1st Wed: normal (fast) session
2nd Wed: dancing session (tables out, dancers in, dances are also called)
3rd Wed: slow session (repertoire at
4th Wed: singing session
if there is a 5th Wed: can be everything