Vineyard Trad Sessions

117 Upper Main Street, Edgartown, Massachusetts, USA

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Edgartown Kitchen Session

This is primarily a summer session, running June, July, and August in my large kitchen in the heart of downtown Edgartown (from 7-10pm). If your summer travel plans include a visit to the Vineyard, do stop in - we’d love to see you.

Added Two More, and Please Note Time Change

Tuesday and Saturday nights, 8-10pm, in the kitchen;

Sunday afternoons, 5-7pm, on the front porch.

At the Alison Boylston Piazza House/Midnight Mermaid Gallery, 117 Main Street, Edgartown, Massachusetts.


This session is comprised of a few local stalwarts, plus a variety of Boston guest session mates, and enthusiastically welcomes the summer visitor.

These sessions have been great, and have made my summer. Overlooking Upper Main Street and the parade of passersby - many who dance and clap on their way past, some who stop and sit a while, a few who run home and get their instruments - these sessions are a unique mixture of busking (without the bucket) and a pub.

Re: Vineyard Trad Sessions

Looking forward to a fab summer - our sixth summer of trad sessions in Edgartown. I host three big blow-out weekend- long sessions: Fourth of July, Labor Day, and October, featuring a top-notch selection of musicians, and during the summer months (June, July, and August) we play regularly every Saturday night, starting at 7:30pm (and are happy to scare up impromptu sessions on any other day or night of the week, depending on who might walk in the door). In the off season (November - June) we get together two Saturday nights/month.