The Druid

1357 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

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I have listed this session as being in Boston to ease the searching for it for people from outside the area. It is in fact in Cambridge, just north of Boston, but is still reachable with the various Boston public transport systems. This means that the map on the session page will be wrong!!

This seems to be one of the best Irish sessions in Boston as far as I can establish. It starts at 9-9.30 pm on Tuesdays.

The pub itself is a great bar, and seems to be a genuine Irish bar, unlike the hundreds of fake Irish bars to be found all over Boston

The session is also on Saturdays at 4-7 pm

It’s a pretty high level session

– how open is it to wanderers?

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This is my personal favorite session bar in town; where I go when I want to play with people I consider good musicians first, and socialize second.

As with most good music sessions, the openness of the session varies with the quality of the wanderer. ;) While it’s very rare, I *have* actually seen people be asked to stop playing when they demonstrated neither clue nor care regarding Irish music (in both cases, it needed to happen).

The nook for musicians is small (fits only about 8-10 max) and even the regular musicians sometimes can’t find a seat until the crowd thins. Tuesday nights are typically more crowded than Saturday afternoons. On the flip side, it’s often nearly as fun to listen to the session as it is to play in it.

Can’t say enough good things about this session

Entirely outstanding. Tip-top notch musicians. I could certainly go on, but you get the idea.

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This session is still going strong. It’s anchored by some absolutely incredible fiddle players; the leader (George) is a fiddle player and is often accompanied by Nathan Gourley and Laura Feddersen, also on fiddle. It’s really an incredible place.

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I popped in on a Saturday afternoon to have a listen. There were two fiddlers playing to a *very* high standard—thoroughly enjoyble!

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The Tuesday evening session is absolutely magnificent!

I didn’t bring an instrument, and that was probably a good thing—it was thoroughly enjoyable just to listen to such great musicians: lots of fiddles, pipes (Joey Abarta), concertinas, a banjo, a flute, and two bouzoukis.

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Is there still a session here on Tuesday evenings? (The Druid’s website only mentions Saturday and Sunday). If so, what time does it start? Thanks!

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No more Tuesday night sessions—Saturdays at 3pm and Sundays at midday.

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Looks like there’s a new session here on Wednesday evenings. One of the most well-attended I’ve seen here.

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I thought I’d update this list.

I can’t speak for the weekend sessions but weekdays are as follows

There is a session on both Tuesday and Wednesday night, both hosted by Calum bell and a rotating co-host.

Tuesday 8-11pm is meant to be a Scottish Session, but Irish tunes are certainly welcome regardless

Wednesday 8-11pm is an Irish session, but you’ll hear some other styles thrown in occasionally.

In addition, there is a singing session on Monday nights hosted by James Kelly. Also 8-11

The Druid

A session with mostly songs. Tunes though, always welcome. Tight space so try not to bring your xylophone if you can help it