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Starts at about 9pm.

Still alive?

Hi all! Is this session still going? I just moved to Cambridge and feeling like I need to play some tunes! thanks a lot,


Hi Toni,

Yes it is, as is the one at the Earl of Beaconsfield over the bridge on a Thursday evening. That’s my usual haunt now, hope to see you some time!

Re: White Swan

Hi, I’ve just moved to the area from Scotland . Do these sessions still happen?


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White Swan, Cambridge UK

The White Swan is closing for refurbishment. It reopens on Tues 29th Aug 2017 so the next session should be on Monday 4th Sept. We might be moving to the larger bar - we’ll see.

Re: White Swan

White Swan, Cambridge UK. Session is still every week, Monday evenings from a little before 9. The regular players are amiable and will welcome you if you have a few tunes to offer. Mostly Irish music, some Scottish, not averse to other things occasionally, sometimes quite eclectic. We have had spoon specialists in the past - let’s keep it that way.

Re: White Swan Cambridge

Please note I’ve just heard that the pub is closed this evening (25 Feb 2019). Don’t know why but hopefully back to normal next week

Re: White Swan Cambridge

Not enough regular players can make it on Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2019 so session is not happening. Back the following Monday.

Re: White Swan

Is this session still going? Keen to join in September!