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As of August 2011 I am seeking players/singers for a once or twice a month celtic-session (semi-advanced) to be done either at my home and/or a local pub. Probably Sunday afternoons 4 to 7, or as it works out for the majority/pub. If you email me about this please tell me which day (Saturday or Sunday) does not work for you, and also which weekends of each month will work for you. Mike Griffin

Session ended in 2012.

Session ended in 2012. For Honolulu I suggest you check out the Kelly O’Neil’s session (as of 11-15-13 the session listing is badly in need of updating, but I think it’s still happening twice a month on Saturdays 4 to 7 or 8 pm). You can also make connections there for some other local sessions-venues. Great folks! Capnmike