206 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

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Session Info

This is a weekly, open session in Chapel Hill which starts at 7 pm. Our scheduled time is until 9 pm, but as long as there’s nothing else going on, we sometimes play up until 11 pm. The speed of this session varies from moderate to fast, but if you want to play a slow tune you’re more than welcome!

Dancers, singers, and onlookers welcome as well

Time Update

The session times have shifted over the course of the past year. The new starting time is approximately 7:30 pm but a safe bet would be 8:00 pm. The musicians are usually set up in the rear of the pub so just head on back


Kildare’s closed and the replacement pub doesn’t support the music. You can now find us in Chapel Hill/Carrboro at the Steel String Brewery in Carrboro on alternate Thursdays.