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St Andrew’s Church Hall, Avonmouth Road, Bristol, Bristol, England

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The Hibernia Centre at Avonmouth, on the coast and 8 miles from Bristol, is just off J18 of the M5. Details of how to get there are on the website, as are various contact telephone numbers.

The Centre is open every other Saturday morning from 10am to 1pm. The next opening will be Sat 22 February 2003. Because the Centre more or less follows school terms and is closed during school holidays, it is advisable to contact Donal Lynch, whose phone number is on the Hibernia website, for the latest information if you are a first timer or don’t go on a regular basis.

The Centre is primarily a workshop centre for teaching Irish traditional music on all the trad instruments, Irish singing, dancing (both solo and set), and lessons in the Irish language for any who are interested. Workshops start at 10am sharp (bows on strings etc!) and, with a short coffee break, go on to 12. All standards are catered for, from beginners who literally have never picked up an instrument, to advanced. For example, in the fiddle workshops - of which there are usually three of different standards - the aim is to teach one or two tunes by ear in the morning. At midday everyone gets together in one of the larger rooms for a mini session lasting 30-45 minutes where pupils can have an opportunity to play the tunes they have just learned, and well-known session tunes are played.

On the evening of each Saturday when the Hibernia is open there is usually a music session starting at 9pm at St Bonaventure’s Irish Club at Bishopston in Bristol. I say “usually” because the Club is sometimes requisitioned for a private booking and the session may have to moved elsewhere. Again, check beforehand if you’re not at the Hibernia that morning!

Lastly, the fee for the morning workshop is now

The Hibernia Centre is now starting to have its Saturday evening sessions at “The Bear”, Hotwells, Bristol. We have a semi-private room at the back of the pub with plenty of room for musicians, and a dance area that will take at least one set of set-dancers, two at a squeeze (a set is 8 dancers). Again, check with the Hibernia before you set out for The Bear if you’re not at the workshop on that Saturday morning, because the pub (as with most pubs) can sometimes book rooms for private functions.

The Hibernia Centre has now changed its Saturday evening sessions to “The Plume of Feathers”, Hotwells, Bristol. The “Plume” is about 5 minutes walk from “The Bear” along the Hotwells Road towards the centre of town. The session is actually in the pub, but unfortunately there is no provision for set dancing.

The Hibernia Centre, Bristol - dates for remainder of 2004

The Hibernia workshops on Saturdays at Avonmouth for the remainder of 2004 are:

13th November - Jenny Crook is running a Harp Workshop. All other classes will run as usual.

27th November - the usual venue is being used for a Christmas fair, so registration and classes will be held at the Avonmouth Community Centre opposite St Andrew’s Church and alongside the Library.

11th December - last Hibernia workshop of 2004.


The Hibernia Centre, Bristol - dates for remainder of 2004

11th December 2004 - there will be NO evening session at The Plume of Feathers on this date.


The Hibernia Irish Centre

It appears from one or two emails I received that the Hibernia website is no longer functioning, so I have set up a temporary website to give basic information on,


The Hibernia Centre,Bristol

I miss Cooley’s Reel playing and the foty of yis all on the auld web-site!

Hibernia Website URL

Here is a link to the current Hibernia website:

(The website has details of evening pub sessions organised by Hibernia, and details of other Bristol (UK) pub sessions as well).

Saturday Session Has Moved

The Saturday session has moved to the Volunteer Tavern, in New Street in the centre of Bristol. It meets on alternate Saturdays about 9 p.m., and is still functioning as of Saturday, July 21, 2012. Check the website ( or phone them (0117 955 8498) as to which Saturday. I will post a new listing under Volunteer Tavern.

Any Bristol sessions Friday or Saturday?

Would someone please be able to confirm the situation with the session that used to be on Saturday nights in Bristol? We travel from over the Severn bridge and would love to come along to any sessions on a Friday or Saturday night, but just having trouble confirming when/where they are on! Thanks!

Alternate Sat night session has been replaced by an alternate Sun night session at the Volunteer Tavern - more details available on this site. The contacts on the Hibernia site will be able to tell you dates etc.

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Re: The Hibernia Centre

Check the Hibernia Centre website and Facebook page to details of teaching every fortnight. You can subscribe to a mailing list to get immediate info.

Session is FORTNIGHTLY on SUNDAY at the Kingsdown Wine Vaults. Easy pace early on and faster playing later.

Re: The Hibernia Centre Session

Moved to The Shebeen, fortnightly.

Re: New Hibernia

The Hibernia centre is now running again under the name ‘New Hibernia’, with the same schedule of fortnightly Saturday mornings 10am-1pm, playing tunes and singing together in a group. Anyone is welcome, all ages and abilities (though might not suit the most advanced players or complete beginners), and the session is informal and friendly. Just drop in, there is a £7 suggested donation per session. The next one is on the 16th July, after which there is a summer break until the 20th August.

The Shebeen session is here: