Green Wood Center

1001 Green Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

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Detroit Irish Music Association Session

This is a starter/learning session perfect for folks who want to start into playing in sessions but would like a slower pace. Once in a while the pace might pick up but everyone has an opportunity to play during the evening. Round-Robin style, come with a few tunes to share. All ages, all traditional instruments welcome. Friendly atmosphere!
This session happens during our weekly Comhaltas classes and gatherings. It usually gets going around 7:30 but sometimes later- it depends on who is finished with lessons and ready to start.
Please contact Colleen Gavin at with any questions.

Detroit Irish Music Association Session

Note that this session only runs roughly during the school year, but is otherwise still active. It will be resuming again for the year on Sept 15, 2016.

Newly updated web page and contact info as of August 2016. Other than that, everything from m_gavin’s post above is still accurate and current.