Fibber McGees

Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Session times

The session runs from 6:30-8:30 pm every Tuesday.

Does this session still run? Feb ‘13

Fibber McGees session - update, first wed of each month

Hi, have just been told by Fibbers that there IS an Irish session, running on first Wed of each month (not Tuesdays) - not been but hoping to go to next one…

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I just moved to Dubai, is this session still running on in Fibbers?



Re: Fibber McGees

Are there any sessions on in Dubai?

Re: Fibber McGees

I helped start the Fibber’s session 5 years ago. I no longer live in Dubai, but I believe it still happens. Declan O’Sullivan is a well-known musician in the area and plays Fibber’s regularly. If there’s a session, he’ll be involved. Contact the pub for info.

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Still happening, with interruptions for the occasional global pandemic, still check with Declan or the call the pub first (they have a website but it’s not always up to date).