Sun In The Sands

123, Shooters Hill Road, Kidbrooke, London, England

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Sun in the Sands

Between 9.00 and 11.00pm.
Large pub. Weekly session, started 2 weeks ago. Any level welcome but we have 1 guitarist already.

Not many customers but friendly bar staff. Free drinks up to £50, but the ale does not seem to be available on draft.

Not sure who can make it this week but it should be up and running regularly from next week. We’re trying to make it monthly only however as weekly is a bit of a bind.

Will update as necessary

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Sun and Sands done

Too quiet and the £50 free drinks offer dried up. In addition we got fed up having to wait for the football to end before we could play.
It’s still open to anyone who can be bothered but the musicians involved are not interested so only turn up if you’ve a couple of mates in tow.

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