Cultúrlann Na HÉireann

32 Belgrave Square, Monkstown, Dublin, Ireland

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Culturlann Session

Sessions normally start around 9.00pm. Newcomers and improvers are always welcomed and music for tune sets is provided for anyone who wants it - in fact a book "Foinn Seisiun" has been put together which includes tunes regularly played over the last couple of years. Copies can be purchased from the bar.

Culturlann Session

A "slow session" also takes place in the Culturlann on Tuesday nights from 9.00 to 10.00 pm. Again tunes are mainly from the Foinn Seisiun Book 1 (see while some are from Book 2 now being prepared; in short you’ll find the old standards that have stood the test of time rather than any of the newer "River Dance" type tunes with those distracting off beats, etc - sorry I’m showing my prejudices again!!

Culturlann Session

Don’t forget Fridays EveryWeek…
Same Info as above, tunes from Book 1 and 2. Anytime after 9.00pm.

This sounds like a great session! I’ll have to swing by a few in Nov/Dec!

Friday night are good, nice pint too