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Tuesday night Irish session

I went to this session for the first time last night, although I’d heard about it a while back.
It’s an Irish tunes session, and I found it very warm and welcoming, and enjoyed the tunes a lot. The landlord is very supportive of it, and gave us some free food which was kind of him.
Apparently the session here has been regular for over 20 years. I’d definitely recommend it and will go back whenever I’m in the area again.

Good Yorkshire Session!

I have visited this session a couple of times. It was friendly and polite! The pubs, village and all that is very quaint and picturesque et cetera…
But being a non-car driver I got there by public transport. I easily got the train to Hebden Bridge but then the story gets troublesome! The first time I looked at the map and saw a windy road to the village and pub about a mile long. No problem! BUT this road winds up the steepest hill you can imagine! I got there but phew! The next time I caught the ‘bus from the station up to Heptonstall. They seemed to run fairly regularly by remote rural standards (one an hour) http://www.wymetro.com/NR/rdonlyres/B0C98206-8E54-4E00-91E5-B00235CBF6D8/0/00E_hbd_bustimetable.pdf and made getting there less of an Olympian effort!
I hastened to add that a cab is the onlyway out of there after the session is done. It cost about £30 to Colne, Lancs which is pretty good. It can cost that from the Blythe in Catford to SW19.

I hope to visit again very soon!

By ‘windy’ I meant ‘in a winding way’ not ‘exposed to the elements’!

Windy Road

Yeah, I made the same mistake with the road up to Heptonstall. I knew the road would be steep, but I decided to walk up the hill anyway, with my accordion on my back, as I didn’t feel like waiting 15 minutes for the bus. I certainly worked up a sweat getting up there!
By the way, I noticed that you spelt ‘bus with an apostrophe… is that an abbreviation of omnibus? I think I’ll start using an apostrophe there as well!

Good for fiddle Learners

Great session for anyone who wants to learn the fiddle. All the tunes are played in a very relaxed manner at a sombre pace. Plenty of fiddles in attendence tonight, not sure if there is a fiddle teacher in the area, it seemed that there was an in house style and possibly most of the people there were students.
If you remember the Heptonstall sessions from the 80s & 90s you may be a little saddened that it is not the feisty full on tunes and craic that used to happen and it appears that there are no longer any pipers or flute players or even guitarists going along.

Having said that a great session for Martin Hayes fans.

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My wife Elaine and I visited the session on 11 June 2013 as part of my 65th celebration ( we were on a walking holiday and we stayed near Hebden Bridge). It was a great session and we send our thanks to Alan, Breda, Chris, Nick and the rest of the musicians for giving us such a warm welcome.

Re: The White Lion

Probably see you tonight!
Looking forwars to it!

Re: The White Lion

Had a lovely tune or two with the guys at the White Lion last night. My third visit.
Cheers to everyone for a fab welcome!
See you in a year or two.

Re: The White Lion

Hello - is this session still running?

The White Lion

Weekly session, established in this comfortable pub in 1990.
Friendly acoustic Irish traditional session, usually between 8 and 12 regular participants.
Occasional songs, mostly tunes, from 8.45 to 11.15 p.m approx.
Visitors always welcome whether beginners or masters.
Useful bus service from Hebden Bridge. Parking is possible on the fringes of the village, just a few minutes’ walk away.

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