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Reno Session at The Isles

2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month, starting at 7:30PM.

A friendly, open session, usually intermediate, but can be advanced depending on who shows up.

Session moved to Ceol Irish Pub

The session is now moved to Ceol Irish Pub, a few blocks north on South Virginia. It’s now every Tuesday, from 7-10 pm. Same friendly folks, still an open session.

Isles Session re-started

The Isles session has been resurrected as a beginner/slow session every Friday evening at 7:00. This doesn’t replace the Ceol session, which is still going on every Tuesday night at 7.

No Isles Session at the Isles

I was in Reno Friday, 17 July 2013, all excited to trek through the 103 degree heat to play at the Isles. I called the Isles Teashop to confirm the session and was told the session had gone away several months ago. Bother.


I hadn’t heard that. I’ll make the change. If you’re in town on Tuesday nights, swing by Ceol Irish Pub--right across the street from the Wild Orchid nekkid lady club.