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CH - Lausanne MTI session - Variable venue

Hi all.

A session is going on for the last 6 years in Lausanne every other Thursday evening. Next ones will be : 12 jan 12 - 26 jan 12 - 09 feb 12 - and so on…

It DOES change venue due to difficulties finding… one. Please contact me through to be sure 🙂

For the story, session happened in the past at : Kerrigan’s, Le Harpers, Café de Milan, Café Le Raccard, Brasserie Les Arcades, bar-pub La Galette. Do not contact those places : they will not know where the session will be.

Whatever the weather, keep the music goin’.



I wonder if there is any session going on right now in Lausanne?


Session in Lauanne still happening…

Hello hello.
Next one is 26th of July 19:00 @ bar-pub “La Galette”


Lausanne session : venues are changing…

So… one really should drop me a note if wanna comme have a tune.


Lausanne session 2013 update. Stable-ish venue.

Hi there.
The Lausanne’s session has been quite stable in terms of venue for a while in “La Galette”. So, join in !
As usual every other Thursday. Next 2013 : Feb 21 - Mar 07 - Mar 21 - Apr 04 - Apr 18 - May 02 - …
Better to double check with me in case there is a last minute change. 🙂
Tcho !

Session starts at 19:00

I have been asked this question. So here is the answer : Session starts at 19:00.


Are children generally well tolerated at the Thursday evening session? I’d like mine to have some exposure to real music.


Hello. Yep I see no issue children coming in. 🙂

Summer sessions

Hi Giles
Do the sessions continue over the Summer?
Are they still in La Galette?
When’s the next one?
Go raibh maith agat & beannachtai

Hart beat . Session still on…

Hi there. The Lausanne session is still on as usual. It never stopped. Next one January 23rd Thursday. And then, on every other week. I.e. feb 6th, feb 20th and so on. Yep the session keep going all year round even during summer. (Sorry I check quite seldom this forum. In case SMS me at plus 41 seven 74Io five IIo. )

To confirm, will there be a session this Thursday 4th September (2014)? I’ve just moved to the area and I’m keen to go to a session!

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Every other Thursday as usual : 11.12.2014 No go 25.12.2014 : xmass 🙂 08.01.2015 22.01.2015 05.02.2015 19.02.2015 05.03.2015

Hello. Sessions every other Thursday as usual.
Next dates :
No go : 25.12.2014 : xmass 🙂

An so on.
Give us a buzz at +41 seven 74 one O5 one one O to double check.
(I do _not_ check mailbox on The Session. 🙂 )


Session dates?

Hi, I was wondering if this session is still active, and if so when the next date is? Thanks!

Session still active. Never stoped. Always good to phone/sms/whatsapp to be sure of details.

Every other Thursday as usual.
Next : 20.08 03.09 17.09 01.10 15.10 29.10 12.11 26.11 10.12 24.12.2015
You can whatsapp(preferred)/sms/phone me to be on the mailing list or to check beforehand if details changed for the very day you think of being her. I do _not_ check The Session. Don’t post. Just whatsapp/sms/phone at [+41 seven 74 one O5 one one O]. 🙂

FYI sesion as usual

Hi all. Session as usual evey other Thursday. Next :
March 17
March 31
April 14
April 28
May 12
May 26
June 9
and so on.

If you are not on the mailing list, it is recommended to check beforehand for the rare occasion the session move. I do _not_ check The Session. Don’t post. Just whatsapp/sms/phone at [+41 seven 74 one O5 one one O].

Re: Bar-pub “La Galette”

Oops… And still in La Galette and still at 19:00.
See ya.

New Irish Pub McCarthy’s in Lausanne ! The place for the sesh.

Hi all.

It looks like our new session venue will be the recently opened Irish Pub “McCarthy’s” in Lausanne. Good news folks ! It has been a bit hectic for the last while to find a place. But things are shaping quite nicely. The pub-style food is really nice at his place.

As usual, session every other Thursday at 19h00. Food at the same place at 18h15 for those who wants. The dates *never* _ever_ change. Yet, some sessions may be low tide or cancelled, or moved for different (uninteresting) reasons. Over the last 11 years it was cancelled maybe 3 or 4 times only. But it moved quite many times.

If you want to be sure things are happening, or if you come from fare away, please double check before hand : whatsapp me or phone me at +4 one 774IO5I ten . Do it !

Next dates :
and so on…

What ever the weather, keep going.


Re: Irish Pub McCarthy’s

Hey ! Do you know if there are musicians who play Irish music in Yverdon ? I go there for a conference the last week of March and would love to have a one night s… session ;)

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The new venue for the Lausanne Traditional Irish Sess : Taco’s Bar

Hey hey.

The new venue for this session is : Taco’s Bar - Rue de Genève 17 - 1003 Lausanne - - +41 21 320 15 25

Indeed : would you believe it, The Mc Carthy’s (real Irish pub, Irish owned and tended, (with really good pub food)) did not want us any more. Well… Let’s have tunes in a Mexicana atmosphere then. We will see how it works.

Whatever the weather, keep going.
Nest sess : Thursday Sept 13th, Thursday Sept 27, and so one every other Thursday. In case you wanna be sure, Threema me at +41774IO fifty-one ten. (I do not read comments the Sess !)

Re: Switzerland - Lausanne session - Changing Venue

Hey hey.
Yet an other time our last location (Tacos) did not get enough business to their taste. So here we are, in a wandering mode for the where’s 🙂.

Next once off sesh (Feb 14th 2019) will be in Yverdon-les-Bains, Café de la Promenade.

After that… I don’t know. Please ping me (SMS Threem Whatsapp phone) @ +41774IO fifty-one ten (I do not read messages on the Sess !) in order to get to know the where about.

Let’s keep going.

Session Vaudoise in and around Lausanne

Hi all.

The “Session Vaudoise” is going on for the last 13 years every other Thursdays starting at 19:00.

It does change venue. Contact me through Threma, or Whatsapp to know for sure the where ! +4I774I05one1zero. Do not contact pubs or restaurant : they don’t know. 🙂

Next dates :
Thursday 13.02.2020 at restaurant Lausanne-Moudon (Lausanne)
Thursday 27.02.2020 at Duke’s (Lausanne)
Thursday 12.03.2020 at restaurant Lausanne-Moudon (Lausanne)
Thursday 26.03.2020 at : not yet known
Thursday 09.04.2020 at restaurant Lausanne-Moudon (Lausanne)
Thursday 19.04.2020 at Duke’s (Lausanne)
Thursday 07.05.2020 at : not yet known
Thursday 21.05.2020 at Duke’s (Lausanne)
Thursday 04.06.2020 at : not yet known
and so on every other week…