120 Washington Street, Salem, Massachusetts, USA

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A fine time for all

I begun attending this session in the summer of 2008, and was very happy with what I found. Led by master fiddler Larry Young, this session features both tunes and songs, Irish and otherwise. It takes place Fridays from 6-9pm and Sundays from 4-7pm, although the session will usually be called off when a major league championship game is on TV. If you’re in the area, I encourage you to stop in. A fun time is always had.

Musical leadership

While Larry originally held forth this session with guitarist John Rockwell, John’s schedule has had many changes, requiring other musicians to step in most of the time. John still pops up here and there. Musicians who have filled John’s spot include:

Rob Huffman - guitar, Irish flute
Flynn Cohen - guitar, tenor banjo
Paul Harty - guitar, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica
Terry Weir - guitar, mandolin, fiddle, tenor banjo
Bob Denton - guitar, tenor banjo
Liz Simmons - guitar
Henry Lebidinsky - bouzouki, guitar, tenor banjo

And many more!

Blimey! If Rob & Flynn & Paul & Terry & Bob & Liz & Henry all come together anytime you must have a strummy-fing-tastic backers racket!

That’d be fun to see. However, Henry lives in Minnesota and Bob in Arizona. They only show up when they’re visiting friends\relatives in the area. I believe they call Larry ahead of time when they plan on being at the sessions.

Re: O’Neill’s

Times and days are still the same as those in the first posting above.

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O’Neill’s Pub

This is a Slow Session! For those interested in learning some new tunes, or just learning their trad instrument, or just wanting to play with other beginner musicians in a slow and non-judgmental environment.

We meet on the first and third Sundays, between 12:Noon and 2PM.

Re: O’Neill’s

I went in at 12:00 on first Sunday, but was told that the session started at 4:00. Came back at 4:00 and had a nice time. Larry is a great host, and a fine fiddler besides. And they have Magner’s on tap.

Re: O’Neill’s

Is there still a beginner session at this location?