The Harp And Hound

4 Pearl St., Mystic, Connecticut, USA

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Harp And Hound Session

Session begins 6:00 p.m. Irish .

At the present time this session is in its infancy, just over a month old. Trad.players of various abilities and interests are well received by the company and hosts Leo and Heather Roche.

I can’t wait to see how this session grows as the warmer weather brings crowds into Mystic.

Still Going?

I live in Colchester CT and I just found the site. Are you still running this session? MickyMan

A very nice place

Went to this session on a Sunday early in March, 2004. It was hosted by Marc Bernier, a local singer of Irish and Sea Songs who also makes Bohrans and works at the Mystic Seaport. He was playing there that night and although I’m not sure that he knew it had been billed here as an open sessio he welcomed me heartily and we spent a few pleasant hours trading off on songs and tunes. He was joined by two of his bohran customers who played along on tunes. An altogether wonderful evening in an interesting publike atmosphere with appreciative regular bar customers who really listened. Mystic is a beautiful town and this place has just the right atmosphere for a fine night out with good people. Thank you so much for submitting this session, Gra5ity

No longer running

Called today and it seems the session is no more.