St. Stephen’s Green

2031 Highway 71, Spring Lake, New Jersey, USA

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I’ve never been here but saw it listed on the events website. maybe someone whos been there will comment on it before i get over to check it out

Is this an open session?

Does anyone know if this is an open session? About how many musicians usually play?

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I’d say it’s less of an open session than some, but not completely a gig. Maybe about six musicians? There’s not a big space for more.

Re: St. Stephen’s Green

thought of as a gig by the couple who run it…who clearly do not like to have tunes played that they do not know. That said, it has expanded to full capacity on the limited "stage" space. There is talent present but the craic is seriously lacking.

Re: St. Stephen’s Green

We always welcome other musicians and have no issue with "tunes we don’t know"….our space is limited however, and we play more for the patrons than ourselves. It is miked but acoustic players join in. There is mighty craic.., notwithstanding the detracting bodhranista. ..It’s a wonder that a bodhran player played any tune we didn’t know 🙂

Re: St. Stephen’s Green

Hey is the session still every Tuesday?