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The Tavern, Perth

A relatively new session for Perth. I think we have had 5 of them so far.

This is a fortnightly session hosted by the brilliant Patsy Reid on fiddle.

More information on the session can be found on the session’s Facebook page:

Or on the Tavern’s Facebook Page:

The pub has also set up a Youtube channel (!):

And has done a promotional video:

This may seem like quite a lot but it is nice that the pub is being so supportive of the session and traditional music. As you may be able to tell the session tends to be quite busy!

There are also gigs in the pub every Friday night so keep an eye out on the Facebook page for what is coming up.

Yeah, this session isn’t happening any more. There is a monthly session now in Perth Theatre on a Monday night. Hopefully we will get a regular session going in Perth again before too long.