Hen And Chickens

143 Deansgate, Bolton, Greater Manchester, England

  • Schedule: Sunday.

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Hen and Chickens

Irish session held every 3rd sunday of the month, Everyone welcome.

Hen and Chickens

Hi what time does the session start .
How many musicians play.

Hen and chickens

Sorry Spider, forgot to mention the time. Starts at 8pm. Usually a core of 5 or 6 musicians but often about a dozen.

Irish trad?

Hi there,

Is this an Irish trad session or a more mixed-folk get together?


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Irish trad

This is an Irish trad tune session, NOT a mixed folk get together.

Mixed folk get together

So it’s not a mixed folk get together, more of an Irish trad tune session?

Irish trad

Well spotted.

Irish trad Session still going strong as at November 2013

Session held every third Sunday of the month

New time AND Location

The Session has now moved to a new location and time slot.
The FB page has all the details…(see above link)…if you’re not on FB…
The new location is
Ye Old Man and Sythe
*At the shiny new time of 1pm*

Re: Hen And Chickens

An update on this session. We are now making this session a regular 3rd Sunday of every month. (except for March when it falls on St. Patrick’s Day this year and most of the regular attendees will be out earning a living playing assorted gigs) Pleasant pub, friendly host who provides free hot food. Guinness £3.30. plus some nice real ales. Carpark opposite the pub.
Next session on 17th February 2019.
Regular updates on our Facebook page: Bolton Irish Music Session.