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Archive Room Session

This is one of the longest running sessions in the Denver area, albeit one that has moved around a bit. Originally at Fado, it also happened at the Irish Snug and Scruffy Murphy’s for a few years each. In 2012, we were welcomed into the Archive Room with open arms.

The bar/restaurant is like a sports bar, but their food is good, and their bar is well stocked in the Irish Whiskey and Scotch department. We play in the "library", which is a raised seating area with a fireplace and comfortable seating. The acoustics are as good as I’ve ever heard in a public session, and we tend to play a fairly wide repertoire of Irish tunes, with a few songs scattered in.

Even though we’ve somehow gotten a bit of a reputation as being the "session snobs" from a few people, we do welcome anyone to join us for some good tunes on a Sunday night!

The email listed is one of mine. Give me a shout if you have any questions!

No snobs here!

A friendlier session isn’t to be found in Denver!

Sure, this is a TRADITIONAL session, but it’s good to have sessions with various "character" across the front range. Nothing wrong with a bit of session ettiquite (sp?), I say.

Oh, and the tunes - some of the most experienced session musicians in the area make for awesome variety and great listening between the tunes I think I can play!

Session suspended for the time being - NEW MANAGEMENT

Unfortunately, this particular location changed management, and the word is that session is OUT (& football is KING)!

So (at least for now), if you go to this pub on Sunday, kindly ask the proprietor, "WHERE IS THE SESSION?" - maybe they’ll come around…

: - >

This session is no more, sadly

A new manager, with a different vision, and the session is no more.