The Hobbit

134 Bevois Valley Road, Southampton, Hampshire, England

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Hi Pat

What time is kick-off?

Starts around 2:30pm

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Pat - Is this every Sunday - like tomorrow 13/01/13 ?

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Last Sunday

Had a grand time at the session on Sunday. Thanks Pat for making us so welcome. We’ll be back!

It’s been a long time!

I’ll have to drop by before Christmas. LTNS Pat!

Cat Lake

polish paul

Anyone in contact with Paul? A Dipper concertina was advertised for sale in Dublin a few weeks ago. Vender said it had no serial number? and he bought it in a job lot. Think it could be the one that got stolen from Paul.

Re: The Talking Heads

New venue is walking distance from Southampton Central station

Is there a regular Irish tunes session in Southampton?

Asking for a friend who’s moved there.

Re: The Talking Heads

Yes still every Sunday 2pm to 6pm
Friendly and good tunes
Cheap beer for Musos
Nice atmosphere

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Re: The Hobbit

3 pm start for old Talking Heads session now at The Hobbit

Re: The Hobbit

The Hobbit session is mainly traditional Irish music

Re: The Hobbit

Neil, so that’s 3pm on Sundays at the Hobbit? Is it every Sun?


Re: The Hobbit

Hi Jim
Yes 3 pm to 6pm every Sunday, though I will be away November 11th (Ennis tradfest), 18th and 25th (Birmingham traditional Irish music festival)

Re: The Hobbit

Thanks to Pat, Bernard & co for a lovely evening’s tunes!

Hope to see you again on my return from Ascension!

Re: The Hobbit

Is there a session on today?

Re: The Hobbit Pub Irish Session, Sundays 3 To 6 (ish)

musicians welcome from far and wide, new management at The Hobbit, wooden floors and good acoustics, pints at reduced price for musicians/singers,

even occasional dancers, often lively and plenty of good tunes.