Murphy’s Pub

1928 North 45th Street, Seattle, Washington, USA

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Starts around 7 p.m.

All tunes, no songs, I think. Can be quite large sometimes. You must be at least 21 years old to get in.


Actually will start anytime between 7:30-8:30 or so. Minors can be in the pub until about 9:00. Occasional songs welcome and appreciated.

Will this be running through the summer? Will be in town in late August for a wedding, would love to pop in.

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Currently on hiatus…

Whilst the pub undergoes a change in ownership. This apparently involves a major remodel. New owner reportedly says he wants to bring in "more Irish music." What that means for the session is unclear. Watch this space. Meanwhile, sessions at Fado and Couth Buzzard are still running.

It’s baa-ack!

Murphy’s Pub reopened under its new ownership last week, and this evening was the inaugural Monday night session of the new era. Good turnout with 15 or 16 musicians (I’m estimating from memory). The session is now seated in the pit (where the darts used to be) rather than below the stage. Very attentive and appreciative audience tonight. No more free beer for the musicians, though.

Mondays - still playing tunes!

Monday sessions are still going - starts 7:30ish. I believe beer is at happy hour prices for musicians.

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Re: Murphy’s Pub

Anyone know if this session is happening these days?

Re: Murphy’s Pub

Set to resume this Monday, July 5!

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Re: Murphy’s Pub

This session, and Murphy’s Pub itself, continues to hang on, though with reduced numbers as some musicians, myself included, have been reluctant to return to playing in crowded indoor settings. However, now that the omicron surge seems to be petering out, I did return last night. One silver lining to the reduced numbers: with the pub less crowded than before and a relative handful of players it’s much easier to hear each other and keep the music tight.