Ceol Irish Pub

538 South Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada, USA

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Tuesday Session at Ceol

Every Tuesday night, 7pm to 10pm. Friendly, open. Usually Intermediate-level, depending on who shows up.

Ceol Irish Pub Session

Had the privelege of playing at this session a couple of weeks ago, great bunch of musicians and very welcoming !!

Coming by for a visit

My girlfriend is going to college in Reno, at UNR. I probably will be visitting her frequently. I’ll probably drop by some time in the next year or so. Happy picking.

Re: Ceol Irish Pub

Active as of August 2018.

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Re: Ceol Irish Pub

and still happening winter 2020.

Re: Ceol Irish Pub

Drove past March 8, 2021…Closed

Re: Ceol Irish Pub

Closed, closed. I think in Glasgow pubs may be opening for business up till 6 pm (but only 4 food, soft drinks). “Neesons Bar” named for an Irish bar in Allison Street, Govanhill, South Side, is a newish tune posted on thesession. Already quite popular - though Neesons Bar goes in more for Karaoke - WHEN its open. Used to be crammed with Celtic supporters when the footie was on. (I’m 1/4 Irish through my Dad Patrick.)

Re: Ceol Irish Pub

I love this tune! It has a lot to it. Changing keys, etc.

Re: Ceol Irish Pub

He Friends,
Any current information about Irish sessions happening in the Reno / Carson city area?
I’m passing through for a month or so and would love to share some tunes.
Jon Sousa